Chiropractic Services

A chiropractor’s primary job is to analyze your spine, determine where misalignment with resulting nerve interference is…

Back Pain / VAX-D

My approach toward treating chronic back pain is to utilize multiple cutting edge FDA cleared tools as part of a unique system that…

Nutritional Therapy

I use a Functional Medicine approach when working with our patients that are looking for a natural approach for their chronic condition…


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Meet Dr. Bastomski

Chiropractic Doctor

It is a privilege to serve people who come to me seeking natural solutions to their health problems. From day one in chiropractic school, I have never looked back and recognize that it is a wonderful profession, one that fits my personality and skills very well.

I attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic because it had a reputation of being demanding academically, and while being faithful to the basic tenets of Chiropractic, it also provided us with an excellent medical education. Even while in school, I began the lifelong habit of attending numerous weekend seminars to gain additional training in natural healing techniques such as nutrition, rehabilitative exercises and many different types of chiropractic techniques. Read More